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Upgrade of Emergency Shutdown Systems at three Aramco Plants

The project consisted of upgrading the total plant shut down critical Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) switches with transmitters at three ARAMCO gas plants.

Our team dismantled the existing level and pressure switches and installed, tested and commissioned the new transmitters: pressure, differential, guided radar and flow with differential pressure. The installation works included mechanical fitting, power and instrumentation cables laying, installing newly designed junction boxes, spool pieces fabrication, and supply of new ESD cards.

As part of the project our engineers also implemented the changes in the logic and HMI interface of the existing ESD and DCS systems.

Since the project involves critical systems, it can be implemented only during a two weeks period of scheduled shutdown of each plant.

Last August we commissioned the system for one of the three plants, and in the panned shutdowns for June and August of 2022 we are prepared to complete the remaining two.

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