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Complete refurbishment of the 20kV substation at Nehoiasu HPP, Romania

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The consortium comprised of ENEVO Group and TIAB SA was awarded in the spring of 2021 the contract for the refurbishment of the largest MV substation operated by Hidroelectrica, at the Nehoiasu Hydro Power Plant, including the replacement of 20 MV switchgears and the installation of a new grounding transformer with arc suppression coil.

ENEVO Group was the leader of the consortium and was responsible for the overall project coordination, design of the substation protection and SCADA system, including integration of the 110kV substation, and the supply of the MV switchgear.

The substation was successfully commissioned by the end of December 2021 with the project close-out in March 2022.

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