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Efficient energy solutions for our customers: on-grid PV system Pi =200kwp at Faurei

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Our collaboration with AAylex ONE started in June 2022, when our customer reached out to us to help finding the best energy solution for his needs, focusing on energy cost reduction to address the current market challenges.

Based on our expertise and know-how, but also on the current needs of the company and on the market characteristics, the customer decided to install a photovoltaic installation system on one of its premises and chose our team of experts to do that. They opted for an on-grid Pi = 200kwp PV system at Făurei Farm (in Brăila County).

The project brings real benefits for our customer, starting with important energy cost savings for all components: active energy, transportation and distribution costs, green certificates etc. Moreover, the investment plays an important role in reducing or addressing some of the energy problems in the area, as it offers the capacity to produce more electric energy for local use.

‘’As a responsible company we aim at ensuring a sustainable poultry production and decarbonization, while driving economic growth and social value, following the key principles of the European Commissions’ Green Deal and the Farm-to-fork strategy. The transition to green energy from renewable sources is a strategic direction with great impact, and long-term value for all our stakeholders, by reducing the CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. In this respect, we have done significant investments, including the first Biogas unit in South-Eastern Europe. With this project developed in partnership with ENEVO Group, we continue our investments in photovoltaic systems at our farms, as part of our program of renewable energy production for self-sufficiency. We are grateful to ENEVO Group, our reliable partner for their excellency in providing the right services and solutions for implementing this project and we look forward to developing further impactful projects.” (Alina Ban, VP of Operations)

The photovoltaic installation system was finalized in October 2022, including the following services from our team: engineering, design and optimization, equipment and materials purchasing, construction, assembly, testing and final set-up of the photovoltaic installation.

At ENEVO Group, we can follow the entire cycle in the development of complex projects: from helping the client structure his needs and select the most feasible technology in order to reach the desired results, to the extensive design work and managing all the technical activities required to bring complex planning to reality.

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