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Commissioning of MCC Replacement in Ar Razi Plant II

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Plant II Substation of Ar Razi Saudi Methanol Company had four low voltage MCCs that reached the end of their 30 years life cycle and needed to be replaced with a modern supply solution. Similarly, the medium voltage switchgear was equipped with old electromechanical relays that needed to be replaced with new multifunctional protection relays to increase operational safety and reliability.

Our company won the tender for this refurbishment project and, with our teams from Saudi Arabia and Romania, implemented it as turnkey.

We performed internally all major activities: design, engineering, construction supervision, protection relay configuration, MCC and switchgear testing and commissioning.

All site works had to be finished during the 21 days shutdown period of the plant, so we planned all activities with a focus on minimizing as much as possible the time required for interfacing the new equipment to the existing power and control cables. This required detailed data collection and an intense pre-shutdown period.

The project was successfully commissioned in September 2021.

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