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BSOG delivers first gas from the MGD Project

Black Sea Oil & Gas SA (“BSOG”) together with its co-venture partners, Petro Ventures Resources SRL (“Petro Ventures”) and Gas Plus Dacia SRL (“Gas Plus”) announced that production has started from the Midia Gas Development Project (“MGD Project”) and first gas was delivered to the National Transmission System (“NTS”) this afternoon, 15th of June 2022. The MGD Project is expected to deliver approximately 0.5 BCM this year, with peak production expected to be approximately 1 BCM per year for the following three years out of the ten of field life estimated for the Ana and Doina gas fields.

It is the first new offshore gas development in Romania in over 30 years and the only project under development today. It consists of 5 offshore production wells (1 subsea well at Doina field and 4 platform wells at Ana field), one unmanned production platform located on Ana field, a 126 km gas pipeline linking the Ana platform to the shore and to a new onshore gas treatment plant (“GTP”) in Corbu commune, Constanta County. The processed gas is delivered into the NTS at the gas metering station within the GTP.

Enevo Group role in the project was to supervise and participate in the commissioning of Electrical & Instrumentation Systems for Ana Platform and Vadu Treatment Plant


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