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Intelligent city networks and communication in the age of AI (wireless communication on th


Cybersecurity services for protecting the most critical assets

Solutions across Energy, Oil & Gas, Water & Other Industrial Utilities
Cybersecurity projects in Europe & Middle East for major utilities
Experienced with 5 IDS platforms for industrial applications
Managed Service Provider for multiple dispatch centers in OT 
With more than 50 PLC's and other automation devices
ENEVO Group has a dedicated team of IT and cyber security specialists, with extensive OT backgrounds.

We are aware of the increasing importance that communications have in any industrial process and we try to balance the benefits of remotely monitoring and controlling critical and expensive equipment, while mitigating the risks of connecting them to any communication networks. We also understand that the IT requirements of the industrial sector are quite different than the ones of the enterprise side of business. So, in order to protect SCADA and Industrial Control Systems from cyber threats we build complex networks to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. In order to guarantee network availability, we implement redundant paths (both physical and logical), using different and complementary technologies.

For any of our projects the communication aspect is considered from the design phase and it integrates organically into the overall solution.
The services we can provide:
  • Configuration management

  • End-Point Protection Detection & Response (anti-malware and incident-response)

  • Network Infrastructure Management (visibility & enforcement)

  • Identity & Access Management (including Privilege Access Control)

  • Back-up & Recovery

  • Update process and control network as-builds
  • Infrastructure baseline validation
  • Risk identification and prioritization
  • Compromise assessments
  • Hands-on node assessment.

Enevo Cybersecurity

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